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getting you extreme results with unforgettable events.

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results fast!

We create the most unique and exciting crypto events in the industry so that your attendees will never forget.

We are cryptogeeks...

...and marketing pros!


Bringing people together for an event is the highest ROI marketing you can get.Connecting people is the key to building the network effects necessary to take your project to the moon.


If you want to reach new developers and get them using your product, service or cryptocurrency, then there is nothing more effective than a hackathon.Hackathons create a huge buzz and a ton of high-quality marketing content.Best of all, they can be hosted in-person or remote.Let's get hacking!


We already host our own monthly meetup in London called 'Blockchain Hangouts' and have previously built up a global network of over 100 groups in over 30 countries with thousands of members.Meetups allow you to grow your community of dedicated and talented people and broadcast your key messages to people in-person.We will organise and grow meetup network for you.


Want to do something really impactful?
Want to pull in the big guns of crypto?
We will organise a mindblowing conference for you!A conference shows your partners, clients and community that you mean business. They bring everyone together and get them plugged into your messaging.

And much more...

There are a ton of other creative crypto events that we can organise including: parties, festivals, retreats, bootcamps.We of course provide a full suite of digital marketing services to promote the events including...

Social media management | videography | photography | web design & development | graphic design | motion design | and more

Events that make you go WOW!

We will help you build a robust and growing network of customers by connecting them to your business and brand through unforgettable events.

Deliciously rich content

We create content that grabs your customers by their eyeballs and pulls them in. Whether it be graphic, photo, video or animation, we've got you covered!Our events will generate an avalanche of rich digital content for you to use.

Full suite digital marketing

We excel in all aspects of digital marketing needed to host top-notch events including:

  • Strategy

  • Branding

  • Graphic design

  • Motion design

  • Web design & development

  • Video production

  • Social media management

  • ...and more.

CoinRiot Events

We also host a bunch of our own exciting events throughout the year.Yup, we never stop gathering crypto people together and that's how we like it!


We host a regular meetup in London for blockchain professionals where we host fascinating talks and hangout for a few drinks for networking. 🍻Come and learn about all the newest tech and hot topics in cryptoland.


Camp UTXO is a developer retreat open to businesses working with UTXO-base blockchains.Bring your team here to finally get some quality, in-person time together to get shit done and improve relationships.

Coming soon...


Cryptofest is a crypto festival happening this summer with live-music, food & drink, blockchain stalls and of course crypto payments.Finally a crypto event with the main goal of just having an awesome time!

Coming soon...

The CoinRiot Squad

We've built a crack team of crypto marketing pro's who can put their creative brains together to create some truly special experiences.

Paul Church

Lightning Catcher

I use my decade of experience in the Bitcoin space & 5 years in marketing crypto to create and implement industry-leading marketing campaigns.

Stacey Bunn


I gather all sorts of talented people from around the world to create events that offer a unique, one-time experience in time and space.

Amy Heaton

Pixel Magician

Digital marketing is my jam and I love to use my creativity to come up with new innovative ideas only possible with cryptocurrency.

Taz Brotherton

Wizard of Light

I capture all those beautiful photos and videos from the events to make sure we squeeze every bit of content potential out of our events.